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By establishing a long-term partnership with the major Swiss watch brands, LTM SA is in the first position to respond with precision and relevance to any request for subcontracting in fine watchmaking related to the jeweling and finishing of components as well as to the production of high-precision micro-assemblies.

Our strength

We have been able to integrate each profession of the great watchmaking tradition and we regularly invest   in state-of-the-art tools. We therefore respond with the utmost rigor to the targeted or global requests of our customers.

Our know-how

Pre-assembly, trimming, jeweling, CNC diamond-cutting, CNC engraving, CNC bevelling, beading, snailing, Côtes de Genève, strapping, hand bevelling, satin-finishing, drawing, varnishing.

Our partners

To control the complete chain of quality, we pay particular attention to the choice of our partners in terms of surface treatment of the components manufactured and entrusted.

We also have different meanssmeasurement in order to guarantee the quality of the manufactured components such as:

  • 1 Zeiss DuraMax CMM

  • 1 Keyence LM series

  • 1 Vertex Microvu 330

  • 2 Marcel Aubert

  • Ellistat Software for Statistical Sampling Control (CES), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Machine Tool Automation (APC)

Pre assembly: 

  • Stoco assembly robot SVA RTP

  • Humard assembly robot

  • Semi-automatic Schmit press park

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