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Private label

We oversee all sourcing, component manufacturing, and complete validation and optimization of your product.

For this, we :

  • ensure the technical and logistical follow-up of all components and supplies.

  • let us control their good work.

  • we assemble and analyze your prototypes from the angles of operation and production.

  • let's optimize their performance by performing measurements (gait, amplitude, torque, force, etc.) and by adjusting certain parameters (completion, attachment point, safety, lovemaking, etc.).

  • submit these prototypes to the various approval protocols within our watchmaking laboratory

  • we draw up a detailed analysis report in order to have a sound basis for developing your product.

  • modify the design and the different plans according to the observations made.

The plurality of our know-how, our technical knowledge as well as our experience allow us to meet your most specialized needs in terms of technical analysis of movements and watches.

Our achievements


Caran d'Ache:

Paul Forrest:

Pecqueur conceptual

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