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Expertise and conviction

The character of LTM SA is based as much on the personality and unalterable determination of its founder as on the specific skills of each of the company's employees. LTM SA strives with constancy to fully satisfy the requirements of its partners in terms of the production of finished or semi-finished movements and movement components.

Challenges fuel motivation

Always have in view to bring safe value to a raw coin

“To date, our independence is a driving force in the sense that we have the freedom of choice of investment. On this level, moreover, we operate as a foundation by constantly reinvesting in the most efficient tools on the market. The movement does not support the error. It is the heart of the watch and it must be absolutely perfect. This is our obsession. » Respecting the plans, taking tolerances into account but also supporting the partner over the long term in a climate of absolute trust and being a source of proposals to simplify manufacturing and optimize costs, LTM SA works in the utmost confidentiality for around thirty brands. prestigious names in Swiss fine watchmaking.

130 employees

A federated team around the major challenges of fine watchmaking

5000 m² of premises spread over two sites, Fleurier and Couvet.

Spaces organized by profession to ensure the sustainability of skills

State-of-the-art tools

Ambitious investments to always be at the forefront of quality

Controlled development

Cultivate the same degree of requirement over the evolution

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