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Gears and turnings

From bar turning to assembly of mobiles, the cog takes shape through very specific professional gestures. LTM SA grants the same stringent requirements to each new development in order to achieve absolute precision at the end of the production line.

Our forces

In order to provide our customers with a complete, optimum service and a single point of contact in the development of its movement projects, LTM SA uses all the know-how acquired in the production of blanks for the establishment of its Haute Horlogerie activity. .

Our means

LTM SA has 7 CNC bar turning machines:

  • 2 Citizen R04

  • 1 Citizen R07

  • 1 Tornos Deco 10

  • 1 Tornos Deco 16

  • 1 Citizen L20 E

  • 1 Citizen L32 XII

1 CNC lathe allowing the manufacture of components up to a diameter of 70 mm:

  • 1 Okuma Multus B200 i

Our skills

We are able to machine the main watchmaking materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Durnico, Nickel Silver, Titanium and any type of material on request.

Our machine park allows us to manufacture parts up to a diameter of 70mm

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