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Research & development

Perfect mastery of the multiple facets of the watch development process and modern computer-aided design (CAD) tools allow our engineers to offer you innovative, reliable and robust products.

Our expertise encompasses the phases:

  • research of ideas (brainstorming, mindmapping, etc.)

  • feasibility study, i.e. the study and analysis of the mechanisms selected to materialize the idea.

  • preliminary project, namely the establishment of the functional specifications, the analysis of existing patents, the realization of the 3D design, the establishment of nomenclatures and lists of parts, the design study of the elements, the choice of materials and machining technologies, the comparison of the product to the competition (QFD), the detailed study of the costs and the establishment of the project schedule.

  • of development, in other words the finalization of the 3D design, the conduct of risk analyzes (FMECA), the production of overall plans, detail and decoration plans according to the means and methods of manufacture and assembly retained.

  • enhancement of the product via the possible filing of patents, the production of realistic renderings or a presentation film.

Our strength

4 builders, 2 draftsmen and 2 project managers accompany our customers in their most audacious projects.

Our means

We have Inventor software, for the creation of 3D projects, but also Ansys for digital simulation.

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